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This is a website, originally set up in February 2016, as a means to promote the Scriptural truth of sovereign particular grace, and also as a tool to aid research and extensive study of the theory of “common grace” and also what’s known as the “well-meant gospel offer” (also known as “the free offer of the gospel”).

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 “The glory of God is seen in His almighty, saving grace in Jesus Christ, His purposeful providence involving both the elect and reprobate, and His beautiful simplicity in all His attributes. The truth of sovereign particular grace helps us to grasp the meaning of many passages in Scripture and to honour the non-contradictory God of the Bible.”


Doctrinal Basis:

1) The Divinely inspired, infallible, and inerrant Holy Scriptures

2) The Doctrines set forth as


Notices of upcoming public lectures and speeches in the UK and Ireland:

Next Lecture Topic: “The Reformation’s Recovery of Right Worship”
Speaker:  Rev. Martyn McGeown
Date: Thursday, 23 November, 2017 
Time: 7:15 PM
Location: Margam Community Centre, Bertha Road, Margam, Port Talbot, SA13 2AP.

The 16th century Reformation was a return to the biblical pattern of the church in its doctrine, life, church government and worship. What did the Reformers, especially Calvin, do to restore the church’s public worship and to dismantle the various barriers that had been erected in the years of apostasy before the Reformation? How does all this apply today? Come to learn and worship!

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